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“When I started to research my kitchen remodel I had two key concerns–efficiency and affordability. I wanted to retain as many of the original cabinets as possible and working with Young’s Construction team gave me that opportunity. Where possible, they retained structures and rebuilt drawers/shelves so EZ-gliders could be installed. Now I can see everything I have stored in my kitchen. I found the team assigned to my project dependable and they communicated with me on a regular basis. I met the goal of increasing efficiency and the project was within my budget. The end result exceeded my expectations!”  -Diane Schroeder

“I am extremely happy with the EZ-gliders that you installed in my kitchen. I no longer have to get down on the floor to reach items on the bottom shelf or at the back of my cupboards. As I get older, that is really important! I especially love the glider that lets me put baking pans and cookie sheets on their sides. It is so much easier to get them out than when they were stacked on top of each other. Your workmanship was excellent. I have recommended them and your company to my all friends.”
-Cathie from Ankeny
Chris and Dave installed EZ-gliders in my kitchen. Now I have easy access to things stored on the bottom and in the back. They also installed EZ-gliders so I could access the ‘dead’ space corner of the cupboards. It is so nice to be able to get to things I had almost forgotten I even had. Chris and Dave were so personable and professional. I would definitely use their services again.”
-Sheila Adamson